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announcing Thermco's newest Product line

JJM Boiler Works - condensate neutralizers

We are happy to announce Thermco is now officially representing JJM Boiler Works in New Jersey and New York. JJM Boiler Works offers the HVAC industry a solution for treating the highly acidic condensate produced by highly efficient Boilers, Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters,Stack Economizers, and Flue Drains before discharging to a waste drain. They offer both inline tubes and tanks in both passive and active modes with 24 different models to choose from.



Thermco is the area’s premier agency representing manufacturers in the sale of heating, ventilating, refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing products. Whether it’s a small residential project or a magnificent professional sports stadium, Thermco will help you find the right products and will support you with unparalleled customer service and technical guidance. With extraordinary marketing, engineering and design experience, our team is poised to provide solutions that bring successful results for you and your customers.